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Crystal Ball Manifesting Kit

Crystal Ball Manifesting Kit

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Carve your future! 

Envision your future! 

Our crystal ball manifesting kits are a perfect, magical package for you to set your intention & see your desires come true! 

Each kit comes with our handpoured crystal ball candle in the corresponding colors of intent, a magical, powerful oil & sachet powder made by the most enchanting Madame Pamita, a candle carving tool & a suggestion of use card. (carving tools may vary from photo). 

If you came across a truly enchanted, bewitched crystal ball & it had the power to grant you what ever you could visualize into it, what would you want to see? Carve what you seek into your crystal ball. Our wax is so creamy! Carve any words you see fit, utilize both sides of the crystal ball. For example, if you choose a Prosperity Kit, you could carve the word "abundance" on one side & the phrase "money flows to me" on the other. Looking for love? Carve the name & birthday of your crush on one side & "true love" on the other. The possibilities are endless & go on as far as your imagination does. 

Misty, what about that black one?..... Well, for the Reversing Negativity kit, you're going to want to do the opposite of what you want to attract. In this case you want to repel, banish, reverse. We suggest carving the words backwards, or doing a return to sender working. 

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