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Group Reiki Candle Magic

Group Reiki Candle Magic

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Reiki Distant Healing with CANDLE MAGIC

Every Sunday beginning January 28th, we will again be offering group reiki healing candle sessions. 

These sessions are thoughtfully planned with very fine details. We incorporate candle magic with the use of powerful Holy Fire Reiki. We call in Archangels for assistance, & utilize the finest magical oils & herbs 🌿 

Tier 1: $10 entry for a candle dedicated to you, you send your name, birthday & a short petition. 

Tier 2: $15 for a personalized candle, carved by Misty. A more detailed description sent by you, for a SPECIFIC healing. 

Each participant will receive an audio to listen to, during the session, along with a short description on how best to participate. 

You will receive photos of the ritual/session & of your specific candle

Sundays at 7pm est

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