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La Madama House Blessing Kit
La Madama House Blessing Kit

La Madama House Blessing Kit

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✨️La Madama House Blessing Kit

✨️La Madama(s) are powerful spirit guides who can aide in paying your bills, stopping trouble makers, protecting your home & everyone in it, along with so many other every day needs. 
✨️This kit comes with an effigy candle of La Madama herself (you choose color) with the words "Protect me, my passengers & all who pass by, with a steady hand & watchful eye" inscribed at the base, ✨️an 8oz bottle of La Madama Bath & Floorwash, ✨️a home shaped candle (you choose color), a Apple or Eucalyptus chosen at random broom to assist in smudging ✨️& a stick of premium Palo Santo to smudge your home with! 
✨️All you need to create a calm, clean & peaceful atmosphere in your home. Clear all negative energies 
🔥We do NOT recommend working with La Madama to everyone...
"La Madama should not be petitioned the way you might petition a saint or deity. In the religions she comes from, she is a spirit guide. This means that she should be approached as a spirit that can offer you guidance and help in times of need." ~ Original Botanica