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Petition People™️

Petition People™️

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Ladies & Gents,

The newest, exclusive creation from MMC, Petition People™️

Now, instead of placing your petition or name paper under your candle, you can add directly into your candle, increasing its energy & identity. Give your petition an extra umph of strength as it burns with your effigy candle, becoming part of its wick. They become one. The paper will smoke, sending your intention out into thr universe as we do with incense or sage. The smoke becomes part of your ritual.

Each Petition People™️ candle, comes with a 4 inch square of paper, in the color of your choice, corresponding to your intention/working. The effigy candle in male, female or dual gender, in the color of your choice, & a simple guideline.

These candles MUST be watched at ALL times. When your flame reaches the paper, it will grow high but eventually go back to normal flame.size. After several test burns, Your wick *shouldn't go out. If it does, know this is simply a mundane issue & relight your candle. 

‼️ These candles are use at your own risk. MMC, their employees, affiliates & vendors will NOT be responsible for any damages, injuries, deaths, or fires. It is the sole responsibility of the consumer to exercise super caution & fire safety ‼️


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