MMC Vendors and Workers

We will have a more complete list soon, with each shops address & website 

As promised in JANUARY, THE LIST! 🥳🥰🕯
This will be quite the task, thanks for your patience while we list approved vendors & reputable workers.
Some sell our candles, some utilize them in workings, some do both! All are fabulous!

•Alchemy & Ashes

•Arte Obscura

•Arts N Crafts

•Asheville Raven & Crone

•Big Liz Conjure

•The Blue Butterfly Gifts

•Blue Eagle Metaphysical 

•Bridging Worlds Botanica

•Cauldron Black (The)

•Charmed By Starr

•Cipher Flower

•Conjure & The Root

•Conjured Cardea 

•Conjured Saint (The)

•Conjure Shop (The)

•Cosmic Corner

•Curio, Craft & Conjure 

•Eclectic By Nature (EBN)

•Edens Essential Elements 

•Hearthside Candles

•Hocus Pocus

•Holistic Intentions

•Hoodoo Delish

•Julianna La Reina del Tarot (Julianna's Boutique)

•Kindred Spirits Persis Newland

•Luna Enchanted 

•Motown Witch (The)

•Mystical Gifts 

•New Moon Witch (The)

•Next Millennium (The)

•Pickey Weedz

•Positive Deviant (The)

•Ravens Eye Esoterica 

•Readings By Judie 

•Revolutionary Mystic

•Sacred Well (The: Priestess Yeshe Matthews)

•Spiritus Arcanum 

•Serpentine Spiritual Arts 

•Serpents Kiss (The)

•Thorn And Moon

•Whispers Of The Dark Moon 

•Witch Depot (The)

✨️This ^ is a rough draft. PLEASE if I have forgotten anyone, let me know ASAP!

Will list websites soon!

✨️Customers, I will be separating these by shopping, workers & both along with each shops website. Please bear with me as its a big job on top of candlemaking!

✨️Please note: simply because they are listed together here, does not mean that they agree with one another. This is MY list & I love, support & promote them all!

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