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✨️Madame Pamita's Spiritual Sachet Powders✨️

✨️Madame Pamita's Spiritual Sachet Powders✨️

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P.O.W Spiritual Sachet Powders are handcrafted from real botanical essential oils, herbs, and crystals and are lovingly created to bring the energy of spiritual blessings to your spells. These witchcrafted spiritual sachet powders are made by us at the Parlour of Wonders and can be used in a wide variety of magical spells.

Spiritual sachets can be used in many ways: 

apply to your body

sprinkle in an environment

dust onto objects

blow them into the air

apply to a spell candle

This gem-infused sachet makes an excellent substitute for spiritual oils and can be applied to materials such as cloth or paper without leaving an oily residue. It can be also be used as a substitute for spiritual oils in a candle spell. Apply a plain oil to a candle and sprinkle the sachet powder on and around your candle. Each generous screw-top tin comes with a magical Moonstone gemstone. Leave the gemstone in the tin until all the product is used, then place it on your altar or carry it in a mojo bag. 

Magical Sachets for Spells and Rituals

Are you a witch who is looking to add a little extra magic to your day? Or do you need some additional power in your spell? Then you will want to add one of our Magical Sachet Powders to your spells. With these powders, you can add that extra bit of magic that will make your spells stronger and last longer.

Like oils, sachets can be used in multiple ways: applying them to your body, sprinkling them in an environment, applying them to your tools (magical or otherwise), blowing them into the air, adding them to other powders and so much more. The difference between oils and sachets is that sachets can be applied to areas and materials such as cloth or paper without leaving an oily residue.

Witch-Made, Witchcrafted

Choosing the right tools for spells or rituals can be difficult. Here at the Parlour of Wonders, we create magical sachet powders made with time-tested herbs which are an extremely effective way to enhance your spells. Madame Pamita Sachet Powders are “witchcrafted” by us at the Parlour of Wonders, using real botanical essential oils and herbs and a safe cornstarch base. These sachets are powerful spiritual tools for strengthening your intentions.

To ensure you have a powerful, properly formulated magical tool – each of our sachets is hand-crafted from real botanical essential oils and herbs. Specially designed for working on a vibrational level, these sachets are used as tools for supporting spells or spiritual intentions. Each sachet is an original Parlour of Wonders creation – You’ll find them nowhere else!

Spiritual Sachets for Blessings and Spells

The Parlour of Wonders is all about empowering you with the tools to create magick in your life. Our Spiritual Sachet Powders are one of our favorite tools for strengthening spells or any other magickal intentions you have. The botanical essential oils and herbs are finely ground into a powder, blended with cornstarch, and then a full-sized crystal is added to each package to enhance the magic.

Each sachet is made with the intent behind it, which creates a ‘charged’ effect to aid in your spells. To make this happen, herbs are chosen based on their magical meanings. For example, when using Abundant Prosperity powder for an intention to help with financial gain, chamomile is included in the mix. Chamomile is an herb long used for attracting wealth and prosperity with its little golden flowers symbolic of plentiful gold coins. Each sachets purpose determines the ingredients being used and all are formulated using time-tested magical ingredients.

Change Your Life with Spiritual Sachet Powders

Blessings and spells–these are the things we all crave. We yearn for spiritual abundance, we want to be appreciated and thanked, we pray for peace and love. A big part of manifesting our desires is through our imagination and dreams, but more than that, these sachets help get your spell energy moving on the astral plane. We all have our limits when it comes to directly working with energies beyond our own imaginations, so these sachets serve as a resource to get the idea of your intention out into the atmosphere of the world at large.

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