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3 Wick Coffin

3 Wick Coffin

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3 Wick Coffin 
The traditional coffin candle was first introduced in the 1970s & has become a staple in all branches of magic/witchcraft. 
In its original form, the coffin candle was made with one single wick in the center. This left the practitioner with 2 chunks of wax on each end. Mystical Mysti Candles strives to make things better for the spiritual community. Breaking the mold for the better, MMC 1st introduced the 3 wick coffin in 2017. Making the coffin candle more efficient with less waste. 
Use the coffin candle to bury a person (figuratively), situation, addiction, or any other negative influence you wish to be rid of. *Also makes great Halloween decor!
Each candle is hand-crafted using high-quality palm/paraffin wax & 100% organic hemp wick. 
Burn time: Approximately 8 to 12 hours depending on environment & any added oils or herbs. 
Remember, it's essential to approach spellwork with respect and positive intentions. Proper preparation, grounding, and ethical considerations are crucial when using tools like the Coffin Candle in your practice.



Bury a problem 



Please note: this is a solid candle. This is NOT the loadable, hollow coffin box. Please search "loadable coffin" to find the coffin box. 


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