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Cut & Clear "Block Busters" Kit

Cut & Clear "Block Busters" Kit

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These kits come with a pair of blessed scissors AND a scissor candle

Cut & Clear Blockbuster Kit

Thank you for purchasing MMC’s Cut & Clear Blockbuster Kit. We suggest using this kit when you need to remove yourself from a situation, remove unwanted drama, break down barriers or blockages, generational curses, bad habits, addictions, toxic relationships, friendships or anything of the like, that may be holding you back. It's time to let go & grow! To remove a person from your life, we recommend our Cord Cutting Kit. 

*All of MMC’s candles are unloaded/unfixed, leaving the intention & magic up to you, the purchaser. These are simply candles & a guide to help you set up your cut & clear ritual. *Above anything, safety is always top priority! Make sure to set your candles on a fire safe surface such as a glass plate, marble slab or anything of the like. MMC, their employees, affiliates & approved retailers will NOT be held responsible for any fire, damages, injuries or death. The fire responsibility & safety falls solely on the purchaser. 


The following is only a suggestion guideline, you may do whatever you feel in your ritual. No one knows your situation better than you. In true personal magic, there are no rules. If your intention is strong enough, the world is yours! (But YOU have to put on the WORK)

Establish which grenade will represent you or your intended goal. The other grenade will then represent the situation you are breaking away from. Set up the candles on a fire safe surface. The included scissors have been ritually blessed with the highest intention for your greatest good. 

  1. You may take the scissors & cut the connecting wick. While doing this, visualize yourself being energetically cut & cleared from the situation. Feel a sense of release as you cut, a weight has been lifted & you are no longer “attached” to this. You are letting go! You may then light each wick. Place the scissor candle in the center & light it as well.
  2. Another way some clients prefer is to not cut the wick but instead light it in the center with the scissor candle. It is normal if wick goes out before reaching the candle. Do not worry if both go out, this is only a mundane issue. Simply relight & continue your ritual. 

Place the scissor candle in the center of the 2 grenade candles, to add representation & visualization to the ritual. The scissor candle will act as a helper candle. Allow the candles to burn all the way to complete your ritual. Imagine you have broken away from this situation permanently. The grenades represent the blockbuster part of the ritual, you are busting down blockages, clearing your path for new roads, doors & opportunities. BOOM!

Do NOT ever leave burning candles unattended! If you must leave before the candles are finished, snuff them & relight when you are able to continue. (never blow out any spell candle as you will blow away your intention. Always snuff.)

Wishing you the best results! 

Oceans of gratitude, MMC 


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