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Gaspeite Pendant~ Good Luck

Gaspeite Pendant~ Good Luck

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This RARE gaspeite pendant is 925 sterling silver, with makers mark "Happ Ness" on the back. We believe it's intended to spell happiness 😊 Approximately 2in

The Chinese symbol on the front translates to "Good Luck" or "Good Fortune"

Australian Aborigine's used gaspeite to bring about good fortune. As a healing stone, it is thought to reduce stress and help with heart, gallbladder and lung problems. (Always seek true medical advice) Metaphysically, it is thought to bring spirituality into everyday life. 

Gaspeite has been traditionally used among Australian Aboriginal peoples as a vision stone. It is believed to also have powerful healing abilities and to aid in weight loss. It is affiliated with the heart and solar plexus chakras.

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