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Lip Candle 

Lip-shaped candles can be a powerful tool in spellwork, particularly for a specific type of spell known as "tapa boca." Tapa boca translates to "shut mouth" in Spanish and is a form of spellcasting aimed at silencing or binding someone's harmful words or actions; To stop gossip or slander.

Set your intention: Clearly define the person whose words or actions you wish to silence. 
As you light the lip-shaped candle, visualize the person's harmful words or actions being silenced. Focus on your intention and feel the energy shifting towards a state of harmony and peace.
It is common to use black for spells involving binding or silencing.

But remember, MMCs candles are unloaded/unfixed leaving the intention up to the purchaser. On the flip side, lip candles may be utilized to speak LIFE. Choose red lips to have your lover sweet talk you. The possibilities end where your imagination does! 

Burn time: Approximately 3 to 6 hours depending on environment & any added oils or herbs. 
Remember, it's essential to approach spellwork with respect and positive intentions. Proper preparation, grounding, and ethical considerations are crucial when using tools like the Lip Candle in your practice.
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