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Mind Eraser Kit or Always on Their Mind/Think of Me

Mind Eraser Kit or Always on Their Mind/Think of Me

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Another MMC original, now listed

🧠The Mind Eraser Kit🧠


Always on Their Mind/Think of me Kit


Mind Eraser Kit

(or Always on Their Mind Kit)


Thank you for purchasing MMC’s Mind Eraser or Always on Their Mind Kit. We suggest using these when you want to remove obsessive thoughts from yourself or someone else. Erase them from your mind. Or erase you from their mind. Can't seem to forget about them? Having trouble moving on? Do you have someone so obsessed with you or your business that they have become stalkerish, & they attempt to disrupt your life? Use this Mind Eraser kit to assist in your ritual to end it all, for good. Break free from the obsession or the obsessed. You may also utilize this kit to assist in helping to stop negative thinking. We are all plagued as humans, with negative & insecure thoughts from time to time. Help remove negative thoughts from yourself,begin a healing process to reprogram your mind.

Whether it be romantic, professional, family, friend or foe; The mind eraser kit can help assist in removing unwanted thoughts. On the flipside of this, the kit may also be used to keep someone thinking of you! Keep a potential lover interested in you, have them think of you always. Have you applied for a job or want the boss to think of you for a promotion? Use the kit to keep you on their mind. There are so many possibilities with this kit, its all up to you. *All of MMC’s candles are unloaded/unfixed, leaving the intention & magic up to you, the purchaser. These are simply candles & a guide to help you set up your mind eraser ritual. 

Above anything, safety is always top priority! Make sure to set your candles on a fire safe surface such as a glass plate, marble slab or anything of the like. Never walk away or leave the lit candles unattended, EVER. MMC, their employees, affiliates & approved retailers will NOT be held responsible for any fire, damages, injuries or death. The fire responsibility & safety falls solely on the purchaser. 


The following are only suggestions for use. In magic, there are no rules. Do what you feel, what you are lead to do with this kit, 

The figure candle represents you, the skull with exposed brain represents your target. Dress each candle according to your goal, with whichever herbs, oils etc that you see fit. Stand the candles upright on your firesafe surface. Turn the figure candle, aka you, away from the skull if you are doing a mind eraser/forget about me. You may also turn both candles away from each other if you wish, this is all really personal preference. 

 Turn the figure candle facing the skull if you are doing an always on their mind/think of me . The included scissors have been ritually blessed with the highest intention for your greatest good. Here you have several choices. 

To do the mind eraser, take the scissors & cut the long, connecting wick in the center. While doing this, visualize yourself being energetically cut from this person. All thoughts they've had of you or you've had of them are being erased, Feel a sense of release as you cut, a weight has been lifted and you are no longer plagued by thoughts of this person. Trim your wicks to ¼ in. You may then light each wick with matches. Place the scissor candle in the center & light it. This helps with visualization of cutting away thoughts. Let the candles burn down to complete your ritual. 

To do the Always on their mind/think of me, the candles are facing each other. Light the long connecting wick in the center. Watch as the flame goes in both directions towards each candle. Imagine those flames are thoughts. Little electric transmitters flowing to your targets mind. Visions of you are traveling to them, the same way the flame is traveling on the wick. (If your flame goes out here, do not fret! This is a mundane issue. Simply relight the wick & continue.) Here, simply continue your ritual, letting the candles burn down. Feel free to chant & visualize during your burn. “Think of me” or any phrase that fits your desires. 

Do NOT ever leave burning candles unattended! If you must leave before the candles are finished, snuff them & relight when you are able to continue. (never blow out any spell candle as you will blow away your intention. Always snuff.)

Wishing you the best results! 

Oceans of gratitude, MMC 

This product is an MMC exclusive creation. Any mold or candle reproduction will be subject to fines & or prosecution




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