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Positive Pagan (signed by the Author!)

Positive Pagan (signed by the Author!)

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By Lisa Wagoner 

Spells, Meditations & Rituals for Greater Happiness, Fulfillment & Confidence

Learn how to radiate positive energy, even when you've been through an unjust amount of pain and hardship, with this inspiring book by Pagan writer Lisa Wagoner. In these turbulent times, keeping a sense of positivity can seem like an unattainable feat, but this book offers powerful support through an extensive collection of meditations, spells, correspondences, and rituals.

Positive Pagan shows you how to build tenacity, find inward and outward balance, and share a positive perspective with others. Lisa provides techniques that are designed to help you develop a core of positivity that stays with you through every experience―good and bad. With this book, you'll have all the tools and confidence needed to handle tough times and spread positivity in the world.

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