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Medium Skull (Solid Color)

Medium Skull (Solid Color)

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Skull Candle 
Skull candles are a popular tool used in spellwork, particularly in rituals for communication, introspection, divination, ancestor veneration &/or clarity. Skull candles represent our mind, spirit & inspiration, or someone else's. Use them to influence another, yourself or a situation. 

This candle is designed to hold space for transformative energy and powerful intentions. Its usage is commonly found in rituals aimed at connecting with higher consciousness, seeking guidance from ancestors, or accessing deeper layers of wisdom within oneself. The skull symbology serves as a reminder of mortality, pushing the practitioner to confront fears, embrace self-reflection, and tap into their own psychic powers.

To use the Skull Candle in spellwork, light it with focused intent, speaking affirmations or prayers aligned with your desired outcome. As the flame illuminates the hollow skull, visualize the energy of your intention being absorbed and amplified, while envisioning the manifestation of your desired goals.
Burn time: Approximately 12 to 20 hours depending on environment & any added oils or herbs. 

Remember, it's essential to approach spellwork with respect and positive intentions. Proper preparation, grounding, and ethical considerations are crucial when using tools like the Skull Candle in your practice.



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