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Thriving As An Empath (Signed by Author!)

Thriving As An Empath (Signed by Author!)

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By Trevor N. Lewis & Abbigayle McKinney

Are you sensitive to other people’s energy?

Do you avoid crowds?

Do you often feel overwhelmed by your emotions?

If so, you might be an empath.

This practical handbook is a how-to guide for all empaths—whether you’ve just recently acknowledged your skills or you’ve known since childhood.

Coauthors Trevor N. Lewis and Abbigayle McKinney aren’t just interested in identifying what makes an empath. They want to help you channel your energy and perceptions into a useful, productive facet of your life.

While empaths, by nature, put other people first, this work extols the virtue of self-care and helps ensure empaths don’t get run-down or overwhelmed by their sensitive natures. If you’re an empath struggling to find balance in life, look inside to learn all about the simple but revolutionary techniques of shielding, grounding, and releasing.

As the world’s knowledge base continues to expand, it won’t be long before people are fully ready to accept that empaths exist—and that they possess the necessary skills to push our world forward with their wisdom and insight.


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